Everything that an analog engineer needs

The Analog System Lab Starter Kit is bundled with the Analog System Lab Manual, developed by Dr. K.R.K Rao & Dr. C.P. Ravikumar of Texas Instruments, India. The goal of Analog System Lab is to provide students an exposure to the fascinating world of analog and mixed signal processing. The course can be adapted for both undergraduate and post graduate curriculum. As part of the lab course, the student will build analog system using analog IC's and study their macro models, characteristics, limitations and focus on system design rather than circuit design.


Two very low cost Do-It-Yourself (DIY) USB connected sub-systems  are presented here which permit all tests to be carried out on the ASLK v2010.

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Oscilloscope Booster Pack For the Texas Instruments C2000 Piccolo LaunchPad
(Technical Manual View )
(Design data Aj_Scope4.rar)

PC Sound Card Signal Generator Interface
(Technical Manual View
(Design data Aj_SigGen.rar)