USB Student Oscilloscope

Based on the Texas Instruments TMS320F28027 microcontroller, 2Channel, 2Mbps, 3MHz BW

An extremely low-cost USB connected student-level digital-storage-oscilloscope. Includes the processor Hex code, PC GUI software and PCB fabrication Gerber files. A truly 'Do-It-Yourself' project.

Students of Electrical Engineering or Hobbyists need something more than a Multi-Meter in order to visualize the wave-forms at different points in the circuits they build and test. This is essential for proper understanding of the circuit functionality and for trouble shooting of circuits under development. A 'Digital Storage Oscilloscope' provides further functionality in terms of 'Data-Capture' saving and analysis.

This project presents an extremely low-cost USB connected student-level digital-storage-oscilloscope and share all the details including the Hex code as a truly 'Do-It-Yourself' project.

Get the Design Files here.