This Project implements a LC-Meter based on an opensource design of  a "Surprisingly Accurate LC meter" by  Phil Rice VK3BHR at http://sites.google.com/site/vk3bhr

I used a modified circuit incorporating four changes:

1.   Used LM119 instead of LM311
2.   Put a small 4.7 pf capacitor across the 100K Out to Inv of Lm119 this improved the waveform shape.
3.   Used a 16X2 Display instead of the 16X1 display
4.   Used a 4 MHz crystal module instead of crystal

Fabricated the circuit on a general purpose board and programmed the PIC 16F84 with the 007a.Hex code.

The entire circuit is housed in a Soap Box

Many Thanks to the authors of this open source design